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Automatic Glass Door

Gate Automation

In a busy office or a business class hotel or a supermarket, the elegance of the place can be increased by fixing a glass door. The glass door accentuates the style and appeal of the place. While you can hire a doorman to open the door for your customers, employees and patrons, you can also do without one. Automation of these glass doors can save a lot of time for the people and also make the place look futuristic. A simple sensor can identify the presence of people and open the door accordingly. At Maayan Infotech, we design, build and install automatic glass doors for all your needs. Our sliding glass doors are easy to use and maintain.

Feature :

  • A complete range of automatic systems for sliding pedestrian doors (single leaf, double leaf, telescopic) curved doors and revolving doors are available
  • Gates are beautifully designed and the pre-tensioning of the gate leaf construction diminishes the risk of bending
  • The advance electronic control unit licenses operation time adjustment, partial opening, reflex closing, step by step control, stop safety, reverse safety etc
  • These Sliding Gates are a widely used and Economical option among all the types of gates

These doors are advantageous over other types of gates as they are easy to install and easy to maintain. At Maayan Infotech, we design and install an automatic sliding gate to meet your custom requirements. Either at the office or at your home, the convenience of using our automated gates can help you to maintain the security of the place and at the same time reduce the time which is wasted in opening and closing the door.

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