Product Details

GSM Alarm Panel

Burglary Alarm system

We provide an all-in- one smart home alarm panel  where you can operate the  panel that circumferences your home. Starting from light and fan switches until fire safety , and theft alarms…

GSM/TCP-IP Alarm Panel

Panel Features:

  • 5 Numbers of Smart switches can be connected.
  • It can control Light, Fan, Swing gate and Sliding gate.
  • Remote Access/Online Access, Auto OFF/ON and Timer Based ON/OFF are possible.
  • It can be linked with the sensors.

Alarm System:

  • 32 numbers of Wireless sensors, 8 numbers of 2 sets of Wired sensors, 6 numbers of Wireless sirens, 1 number + of Wired siren, 8 numbers of Wireless Remote Control (or) Wireless Keypad, 4 numbers of Zone groups can be connected.
  • The individual group can access via Remote or Keypad.
  • Sensor Loss, Arm/Disarm/Stay Notifications are available.

GSM/GPRA Features:

  • It has Built-in GSM Module, IVR Voice alarm and GPRS.
  • Call attempts are 5 times maximum.
  • Supported Telecommunications are GSM and Landline and the Maximum numbers of Supported contacts are 4 SIM numbers and 2 Landlines.
  • Notification will be received via SMS and call.
  • Notifications will be given for Video loss, Low battery, Ac loss and Detector loss.
  • SMS Commands are available.
  • Activate via SMS or Calling by Arm/Disarm/Home.          
  • Control Groups are up to 4 numbers and Electrical switches can be controlled.


  • RJ 45- 1 number with 100Mb.
  • Supports  Email, and IP Filter, CMS / Cloud p2p and PPPOE.
  • Web port is 80 and Server Port is 8000 which are changeable.

Communication System:

  • Internal GSM Antenna and Wireless Transceiver 433 MHz.


  • Battery Backup is 12v, 1Ah, the Input voltage is 19V DC 2A and Power consumption is less than 20W