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Slide Gate automation

Gate Automation

A sliding gate automation is the most simple and effective gate automation for an Home/office as it occupies only a little space and there is no or minimal disturbance when the gate opens and closes. However, one big let-down of these automatic gate is that they require an effort to open and close them each time one has to pass through. In an office where everyone takes something to or from the workspace, it is a little too much to expect the employees and staff to open these gates every time they have to move around. This is where automatic sliding gates can become handy.

Feature :

  • Planned and fabricated with superior square or rectangular hollow sections, along with MS sheets and flats collected by high-quality welding
  • Automatic gates are beautifully designed and the pre-tensioning of the gate leaf construction diminishes the risk of bending
  • The advance gate automation motor units are licenses operation time adjustment, partial opening, reflex closing, step by step control, stop safety, reverse safety etc
  • These Remote sliding Gates are a widely used and Economical option among all the types of gates


These entreance gates are advantageous over other types of gates as they are easy to install and easy to maintain. At Maayan Infotech, we design and install an automatic sliding gate to meet your custom requirements. Either at the office or at your home, the convenience of using our automated gates can help you to maintain the security of the place and at the same time reduce the time which is wasted in opening and closing the door.