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Boom Barrier

Gate Automation

The entrance gates to offices and large commercial buildings have to be properly guarded to maintain the safety of the place and there are many options to secure the place but the best option for large volume traffic in and out of the facility is a reliable automatic boom barrier. Automatic boom barrier gates are easier to operate when compared with sliding doors and rolling doors. Firstly, boom barrier  gates are cheaper to make as it requires less material. Secondly, it is easier to open and close the gates with little effort. This is why almost all commercial buildings and offices use these boom barriers for their parking spaces and entry and exit points.

Feature :

  • Wide range of models to suit various applications like car parking sites, condominiums, toll collection & Industrial entrance
  • Highly compact in size has an extremely silent operation
  • Sturdy steel structure with scratch-proof coating resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Integration is possible with a wide range of accessories and all kinds of access control systems

Although, there are a few automation companies in Bangalore none can parallel or surpass the quality of the service that we provide at Maayan Infotech. Our engineers constantly strive to provide you with the most efficient systems for all automation solutions. We are one of the most trusted automatic boom barrier service providers in the city. Our works speak for themselves and we can design, develop and install the boom barriers for your commercial building within the shortest time frame. We also specialise in the automation of these boom barrier gates, so you need not spend more money on the maintenance of your building by hiring extra personnel.